Sweet Mango Frosty Lemonade Recipe

Make a sweet Mango Frosty Lemonade in minutes.

No need to buy sodas for a small party or family event. Feed everyone with a sweet Mango Frosty Lemonade which they can decide to drink or eat.

Recipe is easy to follow and your juice will be read in minutes. Here’s the Mango frosty lemonade easy recipe for you to make at home.

Sweet Mango Frosty Lemonade

Good for a small party. Easy to make, ready in minutes.
Keyword: Lemonade, Mango, Sweet
Servings: 4
Author: The Starmax Stuff


  • 2 Cups of frozen Mango (330 g)
  • 1 pt mango sorbet (390 g)
  • Cups of lemonade (355 ml)


  • Blend the Mangoes, lemonade and Mango sorbet.
  • Continue blending the Mangoes, lemonade and Mango sorbet until smooth.
  • Pour the thick juice from the blender and serve on glasses to drink.
  • You can also: Freeze for about 30 minutes to eat with a spoon, instead of drinking.


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