Smart Hair Tips Every Girl Should Know This Year

Hair health is not all about artificial or expensive products. You can easily keep your hair naturally fresh and healthy if you know a few hair hacks. These are smart hair tips every girl should know this year regardless of your age and or the length of your hair.

As a woman, you probably spend a lot of time and spend money to get the perfect hair. It takes more than just artificial products to maintain a healthy hair. Learn a few basics about keeping your hair healthy and stylish with these smart hair tips.

Hair PRO Hacks For You

: To keep bobby pins from slipping or destroying your hair Stylist. Spray the bobby pin with a hair spray for a stronger hold.

: To have the smoothest hair ever, use mayonnaise instead of using a conditioner.

Some of the ways that you can apply as a woman to have an amazing hair are listed below. Check out these smart hair tips every girl should know this year:

1: Brushing Your Hair Correctly

As a woman, brushing your hair frequently can feel like a normal thing. But have you ever ask yourself if you might be brushing your hair in a wrong way.

Brushing your hair should not be taken lightly. For a healthy hair, brush your hair only when it’s more dry.

DO NOT brush your hair when it’s wet. Brushing wet hair will lead to hair breakage. You will end up hurting your hair without even noticing it. Use wide combs if you want to detangle or brush your wet hair. If you have too.

2: Trimming Your Hair

Another hair hack every girl should know is hair Trimming. As a lady. Your hair says a lot about you. The appearance of your hair style can really impact the way the general public looks at you.

You need to check how you trim your hair and how frequent you do it. Hair Trimming can be easily done at home by yourself. It’s an easy DIY.

For the perfect results.

Trim your hair every 5 to 8 weeks to avoid split ends hair. Use a huge mirror to do hair trimming by yourself at home. Cut at least an inch a slip. But the number of inches you cut is highly determined by the length of your hair and your current hair style.

3: Harmful Artificial Products

Artificial hair products may have a good impact on your hair, but nothing good, doesn’t have a bad side.

Artificial products can have a negative impact if used in the wrong way or abused. Read product’s instructions and follow them every time you use the product.

Hair chemicals such as hair dye, bleaches and other permanent hair treatments chemicals can really damage your hair completely if abused. DO NOT USE HAIR CHEMICALS REPEATEDLY ON A SHORT PERIOD OF TIME.

4: Heat Protectant

Heat Protectant are very helpful. You should use heat Protectant before you heat styling. The best heat Protectant products comes in form of spray, oil and serums.


Use hair oil on damp hair. Applying hair oil such as olive oil and coconut oil on damp hair makes hair absorbe better.

5: Your Diet Impacts Your Hair

If you thought that whatever you put in your stomach has nothing to do with hair health. Then you have been getting it all wrong. Your diet has a lot to do with the health of your hair too.


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What you should NEVER forget is that whatever you do to your body has effect to your hair and skin. If your body isn’t getting enough nutrients, so is your hair.

Unhealthy, dull and weak hair is a huge sign that you have a poor diet. You need to change your diet ASAP when you notice limp and unhealthy hair. Intake of fresh fruits, protein and plenty of water should NOT miss in your diet.

Hair PRO Hacks For You

: Use slick braided bun to keep your hair out of your face like while in the gym.

: For a non heat waves. Apply shampoo the night before. Then sleep in a messy top knot. Works all the time.

: When your hair is messy and unwashed, try a half done braid. Makes your hair look good and no one will notice you have a messy hair. Try this trick when you have a messy hair day.

: Another tip during a messy hair day. Cover your hair using a turban. Looks great.


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