Does he like me? Is he really in love with me? I’m I just fooling myself assuming he loves me?. You have probably asked yourself these types of questions before you landed on this article. It’s actually kinda hard to figure out if a guy truly loves you, especially if he’s trying to hide it from you. Or he’s a typically shy person.

These 15 secret signs will definitely help you figure out, if the dude loves you. A guy will show these signs if he is truly into you. Shy guys will have the most difficult signs to tell if they like you. But these article uncovers the bare real signs a guy really loves you.

If you can relate with these 15 signs… You’re a lucky lady, He’s Definitely Into You.

Here are 15 signs to look out for to know if a guy truly loves you.

1: You Catch Him Staring At You

A guy who’s in love with you but is scared to tell you, will most of the time stare at you when you are not looking. He will look away immediately you catch him staring at you.

A shy guy who likes you will actually find a good position in the room (eg: if both of you are in the same: class room, office, meeting, house, clab etc) just to stare at you. If you happen to find a guy staring at you most of the time. You are definitely his dream girl.

Guys don’t usually stare at girls they are not interested in. So if he stares at you, he’s probably into you.

2: He Only Got Eyes For You

He only got eyes for you when he’s into you. Period. No explanation needed. When a guy likes you, he doesn’t recognize any other girl in the room but you. He will only have eyes for you.

A guy who truly loves you will not check out any other girl, especially when you are around. He will never try to put you in a position where you think the other girls are better than you. Never.

TRICK: if you want to prove this sign is true on a guy that you think likes you. Do this. Walk over to him, talk for a while, then ask him if he is interested in any other girl. Because he’s interested in you. His response will definitely be NO.

If you ask a guy that likes you that question, you should expect a NO for an answer. That’s a positive sign his only interested in you, and not any other girl around.


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3: He Gives You All His Attention

Attention is a huge sign to tell if a guy loves you. Generally, people only give their attention to things and people who matter to them. If you get a lot of a attention from a guy, he is interested in you. Giving you all his attention shows that you are important to him.

By giving you all his attention. He will always try to help you out. He will be willing to help you out more than a normal friend would.

A guy who loves you will put his time and effort into making something work between the two of you. Notice if he chats with you for longer periods.

When you and him are together, he will not try to use his phone while you two are in a conversation. He will keep his phone aside and only listen to you.

Guys don’t usually give girls that much of attention, so if you get if from a guy, you own his heart.

TRICK: when you visit him in his house or you guys are hanging out. Try this trick. Just when the conversation is getting spicy, cut him off, come up with something and try to leave, if he asks you to stay longer. You got the keys to that boys heart.

But don’t cut him off in an offensive way. Do it naturally and slowly that it doesn’t look like you are trying to avoid him. If he asks you to stay some more minutes (which he should) agree and stay for as long as he wants.

4: He Gets Jealous Easily

Though you are not together (at least not yet) a guy who truly loves you, will easily get jealous if you hang out with other guys that make him feel his in a competition.

Notice if he gets jealous when you talk to other guys apart from him. There’s no possible way a guy will get jealous when a girl talks to other guys, if he doesn’t actually feel something special for the girl.

Most of the guys won’t show you that they are jealous, they will try there best to hide their jealously.

One way to figure out if a guy is jealous is by talking to him immediately after talking or flirting with other dudes (around him). If he looks upset or not in the mood, his jealous, even though he won’t admit it if you happen to ask him.

5: He Remembers The Little Things You Ever Said

If a guy truly likes you, it’s going to be rock hard for him to easily forget what you two have ever talked about. He listens to you very carefully and never forgets what you said.

The most simple and little things that you told him, that you have likely forgotten about yourself, is what he will remember. Because you are important to him, anything that comes out of your mouth is equally important.

A guy who truly loves you will not forget your birthday, your favorite color or your favorite food. You might think his not paying attention to the little details, but ask him a few weeks later and see it for yourself.

He will remember the little things like the name of your best friend, your favorite restaurant, your favorite place in the world, favorite celebrity. Literally every small detail you ever shared with him will be stored.

6: He Asks You For Your Contacts

How to know if a guy truly loves you. He wants to be in touch.

Honestly, a guy wouldn’t give a damn about your number if he doesn’t find you attractive (unless you are business partners or something). There’s just no point of trying to keep in touch with a girl you are not interested in.

So if he asks for your number, REJOICE. He’s trying to be in touch with you so that he can find a way of asking you out.

Some guys will even go to an extend of asking for your social media handles. They will follow you on Instagram, add you on Facebook and always like your latest pictures.

He is just trying to be in your life but without directly putting it out there.

7: He Asks You Lots Of Questions

Without making you feel like you are being interrogated, a guy who’s into you will ask you questions to get to know you better.

When the two of you are talking about general stuff, he will try to bring up a conversation that will lead him to ask questions about you, so that he can understand you better. Knowing you better will help him big time.

After asking you a few questions about your life, likes and dislikes. He will have a clear vision of what to expect and what to avoid doing that might upset you. Furthermore, when he knows you better, he will come up with the best birthday gift idea you’ve ever had.

TRICK: when you are in a conversation with a guy that you think likes you. Do this trick to see if he feels something special for you. When talking, at some point during the talk, slow down your talks and finally stop talking and watch how he reacts to the silence. If he likes you, he might smile and start up the conversation again with a question. This just shows he doesn’t want the conversation to end. He wants to keep the conversation going with you.

8: He Touches You “Accidentally Like”

First of all, don’t get this sign wrong. Touching you doesn’t include inappropriately touching your body. A guy who truly loves you would never touch you inappropriately without your permission.

“Accidentally Touching” you means, he playfully touches you as if he didn’t mean to, it just happened. If you are playing a game with your friends, he might touch you when you are close to him when the game gets more fun, or when everyone is laughing.

A sign that a guy loves you is that he will always find a reason to touch you. One thing to note is that, guys don’t touch girls completely unknowingly. So don’t assume he didn’t noticed when he touched you as he was laughing.

He might touch your hair, your hands or give you a quick hug. That’s a sign his up to something.


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9: He Tries To Impress You

When a guy feels something special for you, he will always try to be the best guy in the room. A guy who’s in love will put effort in his appearance. he will try to impress you to win your attention.

Guys try to impress the girls they are into because they want to stand out from the other guys. He will dress to impress and try to act cool when you are around him.

Although shy guys may act differently, for example a shy guy may get nervous when his around a girl he likes. But most guys will always try to look their best to impress their “dream girls”

10: He Straight Up Asks You If You Have A Boyfriend

Do you have a boyfriend?

That’s a question only a guy who’s interested in dating you would ask. It’s very rare for a guy to ask you about your relationship status if his not interested in you at a whole different level.

If a guy pops up this “do you have a boyfriend” question, be rest assured his into you. If he’s interested about your relationship status, he definitely wants to see if he stands a chance.

But these question can make or break the entire situation in no time. So be careful how you answer the question. Especially if you also like the guy.

11: He Introduces You To His Friends Or Family

If he introduces you to his friends, you are the one. Honestly, guys will never introduce you to their friends and family if you are not important to them.

Actually, his friends knew he loves you way before you were introduced to them. But that’s a Bro Code, they wouldn’t let you know that he does. He has to figure it out himself.

Meeting his family should be your greatest sign he has deep feelings for you. He almost can’t wait to be part of your life.

Pay good attention on how he introduces you to his friends and family, pay attention on how he refers you as when introducing you.

12: He Compliments You A Lot

If a guy is into you, he can’t help but tell you how good you look.

A guy who truly loves you will compliment you frequently. He will always tell you how your outfit looks good on you.

He will compliment your hair style, your clothes, your personality and everything he finds amazing about you. It’s simple maths. He Compliments = His in love.

13: He Texts You First An Replys In Seconds

Especially if a guy is shy or gets so nervous when around you that he can’t last a minute of conversation with you. They will bring it in the texts.

If a guy is the one who most of the times starts the conversation by texting you first, he really likes you. There’s so much pride on guys on starting a conversation over a text by being the one to text first and initiate the conversation.

When he texts you first, he’s really into you. He will always reply as first as possible. A guy that likes you wouldn’t want you to wait up on him. He will reply to your texts supper first. That’s when you know you’ve got his heart.

14: He Never Talks About Other Girls

If you want to know a guy truly loves you, he will never try to talk about other girl when you are together. He tries his best to show you that there’s no better choice for him but you.

Not every guy you meet is romantic, so instead of expecting flowers sent to your home address every Saturday. You can decide to look out for signs like these before it’s too late.

Because if you don’t notice a guy is into you as quick as you can, you might be giving him the wrong impression (unknowingly) and make him lose interest in you, and eventually give up on chasing you because he feels like you are not interested in him at all.

15: He Ditches His Friends For You

Now this is a huge one. You might not know it, but a guy might have canceled a number of trips and hangouts with his friends just so he can hang out with you. That’s why it’s so important to look out for these signs before you treat a guy who’s in love with you the way you treat your guy friends.

Try and see if lately, the guy is hanging out with you more than he does with his friends. That will tell you if he ditches his homies for you.

A guy who truly loves you can do literally anything to be close to you as much as he possibly can. Any chance he gets to be with you, he will take it without think about it. That’s just how pure love work.

Wrapping Up

Sometimes guys tend to hide their feelings because they don’t know how other people will react. Some guys are extremely shy they can’t talk to a girl they have fallen in love with.

If you think a guy likes you, and he has given you all the signs to show that his into you. You should ask him out yourself, if the feelings are mutual.

Some guys have had the worst experience in love and relationships. So they might take forever to finally ask a girl out again, even though their whole soul and body is attracted to the girl. Consider being the one to break the ice sometimes. It won’t cost you. And you never know. You might be meant to be. But one of you has to make the first move.


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