5 Most Common Skin Care Mistakes You’re Making Unknowingly

5 Most Common Skin Care Mistakes You’re Making Unknowingly

Taking care of your skin is something you don’t take lightly, we know that because you landed on this article. The reason you are here is to find out what mistakes you might be making that is doing more bad to your skin than good, plus you may be making all this mistake, unknowingly.


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After reading this post you will know what common mistakes you might be making daily, that is not good, for your skin, and potentially how you can fix it. You should be able to know how to take good care of your skin and making it healthier than before, after learning about these 5 most common skin care mistakes you’re making unknowingly.

Here are the 5 skin care mistakes you are probably making unknowingly.

1: You Eat Food That’s Not Good For Your Skin

Skin care mistakes you are making unknowingly

Without you even noticing it, you might be eating a ton of food that is completely NOT “healthy” when it comes to taking care of your skin.

Apart from taking care of your skin practically, the food you decide to feed your body affects your skin too.
Eating foods that contain a lot of sugar or high crab foods will cause inflammation on your skin and breakouts. These foods include pizza, candy and ice-cream among other sugary foods.

To be on the safe side of taking good care of your skin, avoid making this type of mistake by avoiding regular intake of sugary food. You should consider eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, plus DON’T forget to drink plenty of water too, to keep your skin and body hydrated.

2: Not Undoing Your Makeup At Night

Skin care mistakes you are making unknowingly

No matter how tired you are that night, or whatever is making you to sleep with your makeup on, you should NEVER forget to undo your makeup before going to bed.

According to Daily mail. Your skin will age 10 times firster if you sleep with your makeup on for 30 days only. This was after daily mail conducted a research on a woman who slept with her makeup on for an entire month, and reapplying her makeup again in the morning. (the research was done in 2013)

As you can see, if you sleep with your makeup on even for one night, you are already closer to making your skin look older than your actual age. Keeping your makeup on through the entire night can also cause acne and pimples, this is because you have not gotten rid/removed of the dirt on your skin.

For the sake of taking GOOD care of your skin and keeping it smooth, acne free and younger than it is, take off all your makeup every single night before you go to bed.
Wash your face properly, cleansing it with oil or wipe.
Develop a habit of doing this every night, you have your makeup on.

3: Constantly Touching Your Face

Do you always find yourself touching your face now and then? It might feel good, but it’s not good.

One thing you should realize is that the skin on your face is very very sensitive. Just a little bit of touching it (the skin) can cause a problem. As a result of your skin being sensitive, when you touch your skin especially regularly, your skin will end up contacting the dirt on your hands if not a bacteria.

Your hands have touched and made contact with a lot of things since you woke up, so putting those same hands on your face is not a good idea as they might be carrying a lot of bacteria and dirt that will negatively affect your skin.

The best thing to do is to try as much as you can NOT to touch your face, actually why would you touch your face when you have the perfect makeup on? Just avoid touching your face, it’s that simple. If you REALLY have to touch your face, just ensure that you’ve washed your hands, keep your hands clean before you touch you face, it’s good for you.  

4: Over Exposing Your Skin To The Sun

One big skin care mistake people tend to make unknowingly is exposing their skin to direct sunlight. That’s a huge problem that needs to be fixed asap.

If you usually expose your skin to sunlight, that needs to change right away, if you want to maintain a healthy and young skin.
Even worse, exposing your skin to direct sunlight can lead to different types of skin cancer.

To avoid making this mistake, always wear sunglasses when you go out during the day, when the sun is pretty hot. When going out, especially when you know the sun does not favor your skin, consider
applying a moisturizer that has SPF on your skin before heading out. Take care of your skin to avoid any sunburn. Buy skin care products that will help you do just that.

5: Not Cleaning Your Makeup Tools

Skin care mistakes you are making unknowingly

Brushes and sponges should also be cleaned regularly to get rid of any dirt in them. Just because your makeup kit doesn’t get out of your house DOESN’T mean it won’t get dirty. Everything is bound to get dirty at some point.

If you can NOT remember the last time you cleaned any of your makeup stuff, or you did clean them, but it was a long time ago, you have been doing it all wrong for the longest. And it’s time to make it right, from now on.

You might not be able to notice it but the tools you use for your makeup can also contain the same dirt and bacteria you are VERY much trying to avoid, so it’s always a good idea to clean your makeup kit, fully and more regularly.

To avoid common skin care mistakes such as this, you should always keep your things cleaned up. Clean all that needs to be cleaned in your makeup kit so that you can avoid any future damage of your skin.

By making these 5 common skin care mistakes, without you knowing it, you are putting your skin in a very serious risk of harmful skin problems, acne and pimples. Take good care of your skin by avoiding each of these 5 skin care mistakes.

There you have it 5 Most Common Skin care Mistakes You’re Making Unknowingly

Taking care of your skin is one thing and taking GOOD care of your skin is a completely different thing, know the difference.
If you are guilty of making some of the above 5 common skin care mistakes unknowingly, when it comes to taking care of your skin. Then at least now you know, and apparently you also know what to do to avoid making these mistakes.
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